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Product name:FF-HG001 Inner Open Handle
product code:FF-HG001
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Product name:FF-HG001 Inner Open Handle


              The product, FF-HG001, which can be used on the right or left side of the target, can rotate by 180 degrees. It has a special position limiting device that can help the handle to be rotated by 90 degrees. After each rotation of 90 degrees, its fork is moved by 18.38 mm. The product can be used for casement windows and the opening lights of curtain walls;

        The surface treatment can be done according to the customersrequirements, including paint-spraying surface treatment, and Fenfas unique golden-yellow coloring surface treatment. All its surface colors strictly follow the European RAL color standard;

       The anti-friction bushing of the transmission mechanism inside has plastic components installed, ensuring the flexibility and smoothness of the motion of the product. The operating torque is less than 2NM;

      The cooperation between the spring and the steel ball guarantees the accuracy of positioning (there are four positioning points in the circumference );

      The transmission gear and the toothed bar that allow the handle movement angle to be less than 3 degrees is made of highintensity zinc alloy and can survive a 30,000 fatigue test;

      The product is not damaged even after experiencing a 30 NM torque;

    All the parts have very high corrosion resistance, and the coating of the product is also highly climate-resistant;

    The product after its fork changeover can fit various aluminumprofiles, and doors and windows in different opening modes;

    It fully meets the standards of JG/T124-2007 and RAL-RG 607/11;

    Its accessory is two pieces of M5*10 screws for installation.

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