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Product name:Structural silicone sealant FS-7000
product code:FS-7000
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Product name:Structural silicone sealant FS-7000


production Description


One part ,neutral curing silicone sealant.Excellent adhesion to most building materials,widely

used for structural glazing and sealing all types of glass,gluninium curtain wall,skylights,and

metal structure engineering.



1.All engineering sheets must be checked.Sure the design accords with provider.

2.Materials and adiuvant materials used in project must carry out adhesion and compatibility test

3.Customer must use the good according to the technology in struction of FenFa Silicone Structural Sealant.

4.Curtain wall units must remain not be moved at least 14days for sealant cures.

5.Contact our factory if necessary.


Applicable standard




Shelf Life


9 months from date of manufacture if stored in dry,cool place at 4~27℃




Avoid eye contact with nucured sealant.In case of eye contact,flush eyes with water or obtain medical attention

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