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Product name: FS-2800 Fungus proof silicone sealant
product code: FS-2800
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Product name: FS-2800 Fungus proof silicone sealant



FS-2800 Fungus proof silicone sealant  is one part , neutral curing silicone sealant. Excellent fungus resistance. The fungus proof grade is 0 class, which is tested according to GB1741 and ASTM G 21.Excellent sealing to most building materials without priming after curing, Widely used for installing and water-proof,fungus proof sealing all type of kitchen fitment ,sanitary .



1.Surfaces must be clean,dry,sound and frost free.

2.Mask adjacent surfaces.Install approved backing material where necessary.

3.Cut nozzle to desired size.Apply sufficient sealant to contact both sides of the joint.

4.Tool in 5minutes. Remove masking immediately after tooling.

5.keep good ventilation during construction and cure.


Applicable standard




Shelf Life


9 months from date of manufacture if stored in dry,cool place at 4~27℃




Avoid eye contact with uncured sealant.In case of eye contact,flush eyes with water or obtain medical attention 

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